It's not just a planner.

It's everything that you need


Charging Station

Powered by 8000mAh Tesla Standards Battery.Equipped with 3 types of charging cables, namely Micro USB, USB C & Lightning for all your charging needs.

Stress Releaser

Stress Releaser

When we read, plan, or write something, we need concentration. But most of the times, we don't have that.
Our fidget could increase your focus and potentially produce better productivity.


Infection Preventer

Covid-19 has changed the way we interact together with many other things.
Inkk Co comes attached with a Touchless Multi Purpose Tool which prevents you from having close contact with almost all surfaces.


Personal Safety Alarm

Comes attached with a keychain SOS button, that can be used in distress situations.


Wireless Charging

If wires are a hassle, why not go wireless? Our Planner also has Qi Wireless Charger.
Just place your phone over the book and charge away!

Changable Pages

Replaceable Pages

Used up the pages? Fret not, just replace it.

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This product is exclusive to the Kickstarter & Indiegogo Community. 

We will not sell to the general market.

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Available In Limited Units

Follow us to get the first peek on launch.

Follow us to get the first peek.

Let's see what it can do for you

Your charging needs

 Up to 1000 charging cycle times
Lowest self-discharge rate of < 2%
Compact Hi-Performance Li-ion battery

Your charging needs

Up to 1000 charging cycle times
Lowest self-discharge rate of < 2%, let’s you recharge more
Most compact high-performance lithium-ion battery


Up to 1000 charging cycle times

Lowest self-discharge rate of < 2%, let’s you recharge more

Most compact high-performance lithium-ion battery


3 Types Of Charging Cables

Comes equipped with 3 types of premium charging cables for all your different charging needs.

Touch Pen

Contactless Tool


It weighs just under 700G

Tesla Standards Batteries

We knew what we wanted from the start.
A lean, lightweight multipurpose planner that has everything that we would probably use on a daily basis.

Here it is, weighing under 700g.

Remember, it's still a Planner

So write down what is important to you

Inkk Co

Individually Serialized Product

To combat the counterfeit market, we’ve serialized every product sold with a unique code, which can be used on our website to check its authenticity.

Goodbye to copycats, genuine product to the customers

Certified Safe

FCC Certified

CE Certified

FCC Certified

CE Certified

Our product meets stringent standards set by regulatory bodies


We made this product through recycled materials. Not only that, our product is also 100% recyclable, leaving little to no impact on mother earth.

Long-lasting Design

An ordinary Planner is limited to the number of pages it has.  Once done. you need to get a new one.  

Inkk Co, in contrast comes with the flexibility of replacing used up pages. So whenever you are done, just replace it with our recyclable A5 pages.  

Your Planner’s life is now extended, leaving little to zero impact on mother earth.

What people say

It's amazing how this Planner has everything that I need. Loving it everyday!
Adam Sendler
This is the planner that everyone needs. It's perfect in everyway.
Mila Kunis
I don't know what else I could ask with this planner, it's simple yet complete.
Mike Sendler

Our Story

When we lost almost everything we had due to Covid-19, it didn’t stop us from starting all over again and here we are.

My name is Selena and my husband is Samuel. We have 2 beautiful boys aged 5 and 1. When Covid-19 struck hard on us, we realized that giving up was never an option then, now and forever. 

I for one carry a planner and other things like charging cables power bank and few other things everyday. Yet like every human being, I forget sometimes. This was very troubling and that’s when I thought, what if I had to carry just one item every time? The odds will be on my side then.

Then it began. We faced many challenges, given that we were very weak financially. So, we started learning new sets of skills to bring our idea to life. 

Website designing, advertising, product innovation, content creation, photography, videography, script, editing and almost everything was done by just me and my husband.

We believe that in every misfortune, there is a better opportunity if it’s perceived positively. We are thankful to every situation, for it only has lessons to teach and make us a better person.

We’ve done our part, and now it’s your turn to tell us if we’ve done it right. 

Our team

Selena Esther


Tomorrow starts with a plan today

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